HCG Diet- Fat fast results!!

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I had been in a 1 week stall and tried a p2 fat fast. Here are the results : ) BTW, I mention it’s day 21 for me. It’s not, it’s day 22. Hadn’t had my coffee yet!


Freda Fenmore says:

OMG –That HCG starvation diet almost KILLED my sister, and she was under a so-called doctor’s care! Since then, I’ve been hearing all sorts of helath issues people had while on that diet, and some of those health issues were still there MONTHS after they went off. And not one person I know that did HCG was able to maintain their loss, so they went through all that expense and starvation for nothing!

The HCG diet is dangerous and NOT worth the risk!

tammyzful says:

Good for you for pushing thru…HAPPY 4 you!!!! :D

ShinySilverBunny says:

ok so you ate fat during phase 2??? this is new to me. i am in a stall and doing an apple day today but if the fat fast is better i want to try this. this is not in Dr. Simeon’s protocol so i am VERY confused!
I am doing VLCD but thinking i should do an apple day but… guess i’ll finish watching… :)

rickynshell says:

mshcggirl twisted her words too “fast fat”……glad your weight loss is moving again.

last20pounds says:

Sorry, Lisa, I just realized I was posting on your vlogs under my other YT account, not my HCG one. I will delete the others and repost with my “last20pounds” account. hahaha! duh, right? anyway, take care! ~Aileen

last20pounds says:

hi lisa, i just finished watching all your vlogs and i’m all caught up. just wanted you to know that you are not alone. all the issues you have overcome and endured are issues that are all too familiar to all us HCGers. it’s great to have our HCG Youtube and FB family here to support us. i would have never been able to do it without them. congrats on your FFast results. looking forward to seeing the rest of your journey. take care. -Aileen

slimsteve503 says:

Great results with your fat fast! Congrats!! that is so awesome :)

latamarlynn says:

socalplum has had a fats day a couple of times on p2 because she gets stuck and we talked about how hard long stalls are, she was at her wits end and I said to do a mini load, she talked with a bunch of other people and essentially decided to do a healthy fats day with avacado, cream cheese, peanut butter and other things and it broke her stall, so I have no doubt that there are times our bodies need some fat in this protocol to work.

jesswonder1 says:

Wow 1lbs lost From a fat fast!!!!! I’m glad you have 3 pair of jeans thar fit you now! Guess what I’m a coupon queen also love, love using coupons i know how you feel I feel like I’m getting robbed if I have to buy something with no coupon LoL!

AshleyAnns1 says:

Awh Thanks Lisa <3. 

LisaLose40 says:

I love that app. It’s awesome to have that connection to a few hcg friends. It’s encouraging. Hope you’ve had a fantastic Friday. Thanks for the MFP love : )

LisaLose40 says:

I know you must hear this all the time… you look so much like Beyonce. What a beauty you are!

LisaLose40 says:

@poundsoffdee Thanks Dee!!! One foot in front og the other girlfriend!

LisaLose40 says:

sent you a message on MFP. Wanted to make sure you got it : )

LisaLose40 says:

I know… I know you’re right!!! Had to learn the hard way. Sad I was so stubborn about it. I’ll try again with the RIGHT stuff next time. For now, I’m laying off anything sweet. I even cut out all but one fruit per day. I’m stopping at 30 days and have to make some headway FAST! Love you HebbieDobby!!!!!

AshleyAnns1 says:

I am so glad that you had good results from the fat fast! You have done great this round.  You must have lost some amazing inches! congrats on your jeans girl! Sorry a/b those hiccups.

LisaLose40 says:

Thanks girlfriend. Your info was an enormous help. 

nilihcg says:

Yay! 1 pound is great! Hopefully it’s just what you needed to get over the hump and keep on losing! I’ve been doing fat fast days on P2 and if anyone wants information on doing it in P2 just send them over to my vlogs.

Debaloo2 says:

It was cool to wake up, log in my weight on MFP and see that you had a lose this morning. I was so happy for you! I am so happy for you! LOL Too funny about the hiccups- fat fast side effect! Make sure that Nili includes that in the disclaimer! LOL

HebbieDobby says:

Coupon Queen! Stop that! Stevia in the Raw! Passing out on the bed! That’s like subbing hamberger for beef tenderloin! LOL Order yourself a couple of pounds of erythritol from LuckyVitamin(dot)com. Six-fifty for a pound. Then you’ll be ready for your next lemon truffle urge. I’m glad you punched through your stall.

MsHcGGirl says:

OMG! This is great about doing it on P2. Did you eat anything else after the truffle? Doesnt sound like you had enough calories.
I wanna hear you sing now. :) )
Bummer on the hiccups! That’s weird!
I am proud of you for trying something to move the scale and I understand not seeing it move. That can be frustrating.
3 pairs of jeans you hadnt worn in a year! WOOOHOOO! U probably was losing inches all week long. ♥Lucky U!

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