HCG vlcd 21 – Fat Fast Results

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Transitioning into Phase 3


StephEaly1 says:

I’ll have to try this, by the way, you are a beauty queen!

Crystal Reed says:

where did you get your drops?

JHoberer1 says:

Yay for a great fat fast! Have a super P3!

HcgCharm says:

140′s. YAY!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you. Keep up the good work Girl! We will Rock P3 together. I have been staying pretty close to my LIW. So I am excited. I am working on the Leptin Diet for my P3. So far I am loving it. Even my hubby is trying it now. He really likes the thought process of it all, too. I am in the Middle of Reading Mastering Leptin. I like that even better the the Weight loss Appoc. Book. I also read Full filled. All Great. Leptin best.

FeliceHCGdieter says:

Great Julie so happy you made it to the 140′s!! I hope you stabalize well and good luck in p3.

mrspenny42 says:

Woo hoo . . . 140s! Glad your fat fast turned out good. I’m looking forward to joining you in P3 in the not to distant future.

DeeHcgPrincess says:

Congrats on 140′s!! Woot woot!

HCGSandi says:

I’m glad you made the 140s!
I wish you the best in P3. I really like HCGCandini’s idea of adding in 1 new food a day. I’ve been doing that and loving it.

stepharoo85 says:

Good luck in P3!!! I hope you stabilize easily =D

EZCFilmGirl says:

Wishing you a great P3. My recommendation for the next 3 days is to be very pop and make sure you are eating enough when you start P3. Also I love Robin’s (weight loss apocalypse) suggestion to watch your hunger which is the one thing I could have done better in my last P3. I also ate pretty much no prepared food during P3 (like even store bought precooked meat or veggies) because you never know what kinds of fats, sugars and how much salt they cook with. You will do great!! :)

TheJujubee68 says:

@justgranny45 I ate 3 oz of mac nuts, 2 T cream cheese, 2T organic peanut butter and 1T choco delight. I can’t believe it really worked. I had never tried a fat fast before so I was pleasantly surprised. I eaven had a few pieces of sugar free candy.

justgranny45 says:

Yay for P3!! Glad your fat fast day brought you into the 140′s!! What did you eat to get you there? Was it the mac nuts or something else? Good luck and good vibes for no hunger!!

TheHCGPrincess says:

I feel ya sister! :) . I have 4 days left of injections and decided that today was my last day too. In 72 hours from 7am this morning I will be in p3 and this stall I’ve been on will be SO much easier to deal with. Yay for p3!

HCGfashionista says:

great job honey! So happy for you and I totally get the burned out feeling. You have been at this a while. So you are doing whats best for you. Take it slow and stay strong girl… Set your expectations realistically. You may or many not stabalize at 149 so the more you set your expectations in a realistic manner the more you wont beat yourself up about it. I think setting our expectations are such an important key for p3/p4 so that we dont drive ourselves crazy over the numbers. Good luck!

twilafern says:

I am not far behind you on transitioning to P3. Only a few drops left in the bottle and I want to finish them up. Anxious to get off of VLCD. I too am sick of it. Also hoping I can stabilize this round and not have to do another round for a long time. I am 151.4 today and was hoping to be below 150 by the end of the round.  Not sure I am going to make it but proud of my results so far. Had a couple of stalls in there and still averaging half a pound a day for this round. Not bad for me.

hcgdarling says:

I’m right there with you. Ran out of drops before my new bottle came so doing a planned interuption and going into P3.

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